We pride ourselves on having served over seven thousands students to date. In the current academic year, we enjoy an enrollment of 270 students together with a strong team of academic and administrative staff. Our faculty alone is comprised of thirty highly qualified and experienced teachers. This further emphasizes the uniqueness of our establishment. The success, as an exceptional cultural- academic entity in North America.

Students who attend Toronto Farsi School, from a range of ethnicities, will collaborate to perform dances, theatre and musical pieces related to the customs of the ancient celebration of Nowruz across many Eastern countries. Event Coordinators are volunteering to organize the materials needed for each performance such as outfits and props, and to run lunch and afterschool practices. They will also prepare informative workshops about the history of the event to present to attendees in English, French and Farsi. Other volunteers are assigned to tasks for the day of the event including: setup and clean-up, distribution of snacks, stage preparation, decorations etc.

Happy Nowruz
Happy Yalda